12 Haircuts for Poodles And The Grooming Tools You Need

12 Haircuts for Poodles And The Grooming Tools You Need

Posted by B. Riggins on 4th Jun 2020

The Poodle is undoubtedly one of the most popular dogs when it comes to trying out different cuts and hairstyles thanks to the volume of its curly coat. The softness of the coat and the hypoallergenic quality, in addition to its remarkable intelligence, make it one of the most appreciated dogs by professional groomers. Do you live with a toy poodle, a miniature poodle, a standard poodle, a giant poodle or a cross poodle? The 10 best haircuts we've seen at Kenchii Grooming can work wonders no matter the size or color of your pet's coat.

Whether they are cut with scissors or thinning shears, it is always advisable to seek professional grooming if you are unsure how to do it. Read on and fiend out the 10 best haircuts for poodles:

Several haircuts of poodles

As we said in the introduction, there are different kinds of poodles. The giant, standard, miniature and toy poodles all have a slightly different morphology, but they also share distinctive features. For starters, they are all curly-haired dogs. Some of them have a longer body, while the smaller dogs are a little more compact. This means that some of the poodle cuts here are more suitable for one type of poodle than another. At the same time, they can all work one way or another.

At the end we will also go over the best dog grooming scissors, grooming kits and brushes to help pet groomers get the hairstyles they are looking for!

Our 10 best poodle cuts and styles are:

  • Lion cut
  • English saddle cut
  • Dutch cut
  • Modern cut
  • Puppy cut
  • Summer Cut
  • Cupcake cut
  • The teddy bear cut
  • Town and country cut
  • Shortcut

Also note that some of these cuts will be much shorter. If you live in a hot or cold climate, make sure you have adequate protection for your dog.

1. The Lion Cut

lion cut poodle

The lion's haircut is probably the most well-known and extravagant of all poodle haircuts. The dog's limbs are hairless, with only a pompom in front and hind legs. The tail must be rounded and the chest, stomach and head must be hairy. It is the most used haircut in dog competitions and shows where it is also known as continental haircut.

The elaborate style of the lion haircut makes it impressive, but it also takes a lot of time and effort (not to mention experience) to get it right. There are other cuts on dogs called lion cuts, such as the Shih Tzu, but they will look different depending on the specific breed.

2. The English saddle cut

The English saddle cut poodle

The English cut is very similar to that of the lion. The difference lies in an extra pompom on the hind legs, and the pelvic area is left at the same length as the chest. It still shares the long ears and narrow curls of the body.

3. Dutch cut

Dutch cut poodle

The Dutch cut is one of the most popular in dog shows and competitions. Unlike the previous styles, this one is for those who seek a uniform style with no difference in the length of the dog's coat. It is distinguished above all by the tail which ends with a nice pompom. In the UK, at the British Kennel Club, this is called the "sports cut".

4. Modern cut

Modern cut poodle

The modern poodle cut is probably best suited to owners who like to follow the latest trends and enjoy watching dog shows. This is also known as the Scandinavian cut or the European cut in some areas, especially in the United States of America.

Try to achieve a precise and professional finish, without being as over-the-top as the styles mentioned above. It is an aesthetic cut, but at the same time very natural. It follows the shape of the body, emphasizing the ears and tail as well as the head.

5. Puppy cut

Puppy cut poodle

The puppy haircut is very popular with most small dog breeds, such as the Yorkshire Terrier or the West Highland White Terrier.

It is a very fashionable haircut for miniature poodles, and it is not difficult to see why: This haircut makes your poodle look like a puppy. This style is not intended to give a definite or nervous look. On the contrary, the skin should look natural and fresh. The American Kennel Club says there should be a pompom at the end of the tail.

6. Summer cut

Summer cut poodle

Many dog owners wonder if it's wrong to cut their dogs' hair during the summer. Not all dogs should follow the example of the Poodle, which is a breed that is perfectly suited to different haircuts and styles.

Summer is a hot period that makes your beloved poodle dirtier than usual, especially if you take him to the beach or for a walk in the woods. For this reason, giving him a summer haircut is a good idea: it will help keep him cool while he gets some interesting aesthetic finishes, as shown below. Winter cuts on poodles tend to leave more hair on the dog to help insulate him from the cold.

7. Cupcake cut

cupcake cut poodle

This haircut is not very well known, perhaps because some people think it looks weird once done. The muffin haircut is remarkable for leaving the ears absolutely rounded due to the precise hairstyle. Not all styles involve poodle facial haircuts to be so dramatic, but we think it is quite elegant.

This poodle cut is also notable for the shape of the head, which ends in a point, that has a clear resemblance to a delicious bun.

8. The teddy bear cut

 teddy bear cut poodle

The teddy bear cut is increasingly popular among long-haired dog breeds. This finish should be done with scissors, and requires expert hands in poodle styling.

The hair should be left halfway down so that the poodle's curls are clearly visible. This gives it a smooth, rounded finish that makes it look like a bear, as its name suggests.

Make sure you know how often to bathe a poodle so that its coat is always beautiful.

9. Town and country cut

town and country cut poodle

This type of haircut is increasingly popular in the United States, where it is known as the "city and country" haircut. This style can work for any type of poodle, but is particularly common with standard or miniature poodles.

Its distinctive feature is that it leaves the legs hairy and shaped like a cylinder. The body hair, on the other hand, is cut shorter, which accentuates the density of the leg hair. The head and ears have a rounded finish.

10. Short cut

short cut poodle

Although it is not very common to see a short-haired poodle, it is still an aesthetic option that will avoid knots, tangles and dirt in the coat. This poodle cut can be a good option in warmer countries. It is also a good option for those who cannot go to the dog stylist as often as they want. This style can work as well on a toy poodle as it does on a standard poodle. However, keep in mind that it can cause the dog to catch a cold. Avoid this cut during the cold months or winter months. If you still prefer a shorter cut, make sure you have a dog jacket to protect your dog.

11. Ponytails

Ponytail poodle cut

If your pet Poodle is a girl and you want to give her a girlish look, consider cutting the hair on the face and leaving it long on the ears. Long, furry ears will make a pigtail print that you can decorate with clips and bows.

Royal Tail

royal tail poodle cut

A poodle's tail is something that many owners are proud of. For your pet's tail to shine, you need to let the hair grow for a long time, keeping the hair short for an obvious contrast.

How to get the right cut for your poodle

There is some controversy about poodle styles and types of cuts. The problem is that there is no standardized style guide for a poodle's haircut. In several countries, regions and even among dog groomers, there is a debate about the correct name of some terms. This can understandably cause confusion for hairdressers. Customers may arrive with a specific idea of how they want the poodle cut, but they cannot explain the style to the groomer.

The right dog grooming tools and kits for the best dog hairstyles

If you are starting out with these styles you are going to have to use more that one grooming shear. You will need a shear to work as your workhorse, detailer, and finisher shear.

The grooming scissor you will need first is your workhorse, we recommend a Kenchii Five Star Offset Handle in 8” or 9”. Kenchii Five Star Offset Handle has a beveled blade edge so it is good for cutting the “tuff” coats and “curlier” coats. The next scissor is a Kenchii Pink Poodle with is perfect for everyday use and finish work because of its semi-convex edges. Even though the Pink Poodle is good for finish work you should have a set of dog grooming scissor dedicated to that job, so the Kenchii Viper is that shear set. The Kenchii Viper has a convex edge detailed for detail and finish work, it will cut like a dream and keep doing so with each dog.

The perfect poodle hairstyle

Whether you have a toy poodle, a miniature poodle or a standard poodle, getting the right cut can be difficult. The best thing you can do is decide in advance what you want and locate a picture of the poodle cut you want. You can also take this item with you and decide what kind of haircut is best for your dog. Relying on the name of a certain cut poodle can cause confusion or frustration, so it is best to play it safe.