Payment Plan

How Can I Choose Klarna™?!
You can select Klarna™ at checkout!  After you have entered in all of your information, under the "Payment" (step 4) option, scroll down and select Klarna™ Financing Plans.  It's that easy!

Put 29% down and pay 3 installments after!

You will only pay 29% up front when your order is processed if you checkout with Klarna, and the remaining 3 payments are collected automatically every 2 weeks. This offers the benefit of increased purchasing power with the flexibility that fits you as the customer.

It is that simple!


What do you do at checkout?

When you are ready to checkout, at step 4 (Payment) of our checkout process select the tab the says “Klarna Finance” Why pay with Klarna? Klarna’s got your back.

Klarna like Paypal, will take full fraud and credit risks, while giving complete protection to ALL buyers. Klarna also puts control back in the hands of the customer with email notifications. Klarna also lets customers manage their purchases, choose payment methods, chat with customer service 24/7, and even report returns. Before their next payment is due, Klarna will send a friendly reminder for a hassle-free experience.


Klarna Checkout available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain and the USA.