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  • 21-Tooth - Front

    Five Star

    Five Star 21-Tooth 7.5" Blender - Lefty

    The Five Star series is Kenchii's most versatile line of grooming tools making them the "go-to" for everyday grooming. This line offers several choices to satisfy your specific grooming needs and provides reliable durability and cutting performance...

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  • Kenchii Love™ 22-tooth Left-handed dog grooming blender.


    Love™ 22-tooth Left-handed 8.0" Blender

    Kenchii's top performance value grooming shears! Fully forged and hand-honed Japanese alloy steel with custom non-slip micro-serrated semi-convex edge. Love models are made with offset handles for comfort and finished with rustproof satin. Model...

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  • Kenchii Pink Poodle™ left-handed 18-tooth blender, open.

    Pink Poodle

    Pink Poodle Lefty 18-tooth 7.0" Blender

    The Pink Poodle shear provides an effortless cut through even the coarsest of coats. The semi-convex edges are suitable for everyday grooming or finish work and the level 3 alloy ensures a long lasting sharp edge. With the poodle patterned...

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  • Kenchii Shinobi™ 21-tooth 7.5-inch lefty blender.


    Shinobi 21-tooth 7.5" Lefty Blender

    The Shinobi line of shears provides an exceptionally smooth cut. The 21-tooth blender has an ultra sharp semi-convex edge well suited for thick and double coat fur, and provides an ultra smooth blending experience with moderate thinning power. The...

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