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2018 Second Annual Kenchii Kup

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It is that time of the year again for the Kenchii Kup! Kenchii Professional started the Kenchii Cup grooming competition in March 2017 at the Atlanta Pet Fair. The 1st place winner will win $5, 000 plus a limited edition shear, and a take-homel trophy. The 2nd place winner will win $1,000 and a take-home trophy. In addition, the 3rd place winner will win $500 and a take-home trophy. The Second Annual Kenchii Kup will take place on Friday, March 9th at the Atlanta Pet Fair (March 8-11) at the Georgia International Convention Center.

We only have space for up to 50 competitors so don’t miss out on this opportunity. Register now at Competitors may compete with any of the AKC-recognized breeds groomed to breed standards. For best results and that “competitive edge”, competitors should bring their own dogs. If you cannot bring your own dog because your country imposes quarantine, you may want to find a suitable dog from the Facebook group “CONTEST DOG NETWORK” ask to be a member on their page. Contact them at your earliest convenience to secure your competition dogs. For contest purposes, the hair must be of sufficient length to allow the competitor to make a distinct change in the dog’s appearance. Rotated coats on hand-stripped dogs are acceptable; however, there must be a distinct change in the dog’s appearance. Competition dogs must be prepped and ready for the judge’s inspection prior to check-in procedures. Dogs should be combed, brushed, and free of tangles, freshly shampooed and dried. Ears should be clean, toenails trimmed/filed, and hair between the pads trimmed, if applicable, according to breed standards. Poodle feet, pads, sanitary trimming, should also be pre-trimmed. All other trimming shall be done only after the competition starts. For more information on rules and regulations please visit:

The Kenchii Kup will be a competition you don’t want to miss! We look forward to seeing all of our entries and giving a fair judgment by our special guest judges. Come show your skills this year at the Atlanta Pet Fair on March 9th. Also be sure to stop by to see us at booth #345. Take a look at last year’s winners to get an idea of what we are looking for in the competition! THIS COULD BE YOU! Don’t forget to register today before slots fill up:


                                                        1st place winner: Amanda Zeller

                                                      Photos by: Animal Photography 2017


                                                        2nd place winner: June Beckwith 


                                                           3rd place winner: Jackie Boulton

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