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Moving From Beginner Pet Grooming Shears To Professional Shears

Posted by Brent Riggins on

Professional Pet Grooming Shears You Need

When you started grooming, they probably gave you scissors like Groomers Elite or Rose line to get started.

These grooming scissors are excellent for beginners because they are fantastic workhorses, they are quite resistant, but mainly for a very important feature: their cutting edge.

The beginners' scissors have a serrated edge.

It is a blade with small grooves designed to keep the hair in place to facilitate cutting hair. But what happens when you want to go from beginner to pro to help your work to look impeccable?

Straight blade grooming shears

Straight blade shears

Straight bladed shears like the Shinobi 9.5" are probably what you get most of the time. As the foundation of your tools, we advise you to invest in a pair of well-made scissors that will have an advantage and offer you years of faithful service.

Pet grooming shears have beveled or convex edges but look for convex edges for a softer and silky result. You can choose sheet lengths ranging from 6.5 inches to 9 inches, depending on your needs.

Curved Pet Grooming Shear

Curved blade pet grooming shears like the Kenchii Rose' 8" Shear are suitable for specific purposes, such as cutting of feet, hock, chest and other areas where a less geometric line is needed than that which can easily produce a straight blade.

Many professional groomers are getting closer and closer to their curved blade scissors, as the trends move more towards a soft and informal style of care.

If you often use your grooming scissors with curved blades, consider investing in a high quality pair that will ease your comfort and help you create the perfect style for your client and their pet.

Thinning of the double tooth pet grooming shears

Thinning shears like the Kenchii Love 17-Tooth Blenders are a key component of every groomer's set of tools.

Today it has more options than it once had with the introduction of the double tooth diluent. The design of the double tooth diluent gently crosses the coat and helps to avoid leaving an obvious line.

This design creates a smooth and silky result that can’t easily be achieved with blade types. If you need a traditional pet thinning scissor, look for a high quality convex blade to get the buttery texture and appearance you are looking for.

What Professional Groomers Need To Know

You can opt for a serrated scissors with a more exaggerated edge to make it a little sharper, or you can switch to a convex scissor. 

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