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Titanium Coated Shears in Black and Pink

Posted by B. Riggins on

Black Shears or Pink Shears, You Pick!

Titanium is a material as strong as steel, but less dense, so to use it on a shear alloys are needed. As a handle, it offers a lighter option for G10 which is much stronger.

Titanium Shear Advantages

This metal is practically indestructible and very light. If the blade has a thick and well-sharpened titanium coating, it could be weeks or months before you must sharpen it again.

Corrosion-proof, it can be used, carelessly cleaned and thrown into a bag, to be removed only weeks later without signs of corrosion or rust.

It can withstand extreme heat and cold and is not magnetic. This metal is also not damaged by most common use.

Black Shears

Titanium Shear Disadvantages

Hard to sharpen and doing it yourself can result in ruining the edge or its sharpening materials. It is best to do it professionally.

As a blade, it is very light, which can make it difficult to use for tasks where you need a heavier blade to provide leverage.

Although it is one of the most commonly found metals, its strength and endurance can hinder its work, so titanium knives tend to be expensive.

Steel Shear Advantages

Steel is a common material, so steel grooming shears are easy to find and obtain.

This also makes it cheaper than titanium.

The price will vary depending on the quality of the steel, but there are enough steel options to satisfy most people.

Since steel is an alloy, steel shears are very versatile with different metal mixtures that offer slightly different characteristics.

The steel blades keep their edge much longer than titanium. This means that it will be less likely that you will have to dull with a dull blade in the middle of a cut.

Steel Shear Disadvantages

The first problem with steel is that not all steel is the same.

If you know the different grades of steel, you could be buying a lower quality steel than you need.

Always check the seal on the shear to make sure you get a good quality metal, as they are softer, can be bent or dented.

It is unlikely to be used normally, but it is possible, especially with lower quality steel. Another negative aspect of steel is that it is heavy.

For many applications, this is not a big problem. But those with hand or wrist problems may need a light grooming shear.

Titanium and Steel Together

To avoid some of the disadvantages of both metals, some will combine the two metals. This can be a titanium core with steel on the outside to create a strong, almost unbreakable shear that still retains its sharp edge.

There are also steel shears with titanium coating to get the advantage of additional corrosion resistance. After a little sharpening, the steel edge is exposed giving the advantage of steel.

If you are looking for titanium shears, our Kenchii Pink Poodle and Bumble Bee are great options. They feature a pink and black coat. 

A great pair of titanium shears to own.  

Titanium Coated Pink Shears

Pink Shears

Pink Poodle Titanium Pink Shears

Our Pink Poodle shears are one of our most popular shears. The pink coated titanium gives the shear a beautiful finish at the same time allows for great performance.

This pink shear is light weight and cuts through fur coats with ease.

Titanium Coated Black Shear

Black Shear

Bumble Bee Titanium Black Shears

Our Bumble Bee is a black shear and is the perfect tool for fast finish work. The long lasting sharp edge will give you an effortless cut through the coarsest of coats.

This black shear was a beautiful design that performs and looks great. 

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