Double Finger Rest Curved Shear | Jonathan David Lightning Series

Double Finger Rest Curved Shear | Jonathan David Lightning Series

Posted by B. Riggins on 23rd Jun 2020

Jonathan David Lightning | Grooming Shears

Straight grooming scissors: These are the most popular of all the scissors because they are manufactured in a wide selection of sizes and weights and have various blade lengths.

Curved Shears: These shears are slightly curved towards the tip of the shear. They are needed to easily cut and shape hair around the contour of the dog's body. Although everything can be done with a straight shear, the curved blades can help with tufts, faces, ears and feet. They can also help adjust the angle. Every groomer should have a pair of curved shears.

Thinning scissors: Thinning scissors are two-bladed scissors with serrated teeth. Thinning scissors are used for thinning thick hair. They have a thin-toothed blade and a cutting blade, so if they are used to cut the dog's hair, they will only remove part of the hair, thinning it, instead of cutting it.

They can also be used to mix different lengths of hair in the coat, unlike a straight shear that will leave a defined edge. Uses for blenders include finishing teddy bear faces in Lhasa or Shih Tzu types so that they do not look fragmented and shaped around the chest and neck.

Basically, blenders are great for any job where you want smoother definition. Thuinning scissors can save time and produce smoother results by smoothing lines and corners, feathering, thinning or adding volume. The fewer teeth, the less hair is removed, but it can leave more marks.

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