Kenchii Shear Levels Explained

Kenchii Shear Levels Explained

Posted by C Tippens on 8th Dec 2020

Quality cutting tools demand superb materials. At Kenchii, we only use the finest, high-performance metal alloys in the production process. We use a special vacuum heat treatment process that creates an outstanding tool with a guaranteed durable cutting edge, extremely high corrosion resistance, and an immaculate finish.

Level 1

Our level 1 products are great for beginners and everyday stylists. They provide exceptional value for your money without sacrificing quality or performance. These shears are made from Japanese stainless steel and have great corrosion resistance. These shears are able to keep a great edge which make them extremely durable.

Examples: Love, Scorpion

Level 2

Kenchii Level 2 products provide stylists with exceptional quality, performance, and value.
These shears are made from a high carbon Japanese stainless steel which has great corrosion resistance, strength, and ability to maintain an excellent edge. 

Examples: Rosé, Five Star

Level 3

Kenchii level 3 shears are for professional who demand superior quality and performance from their tools. These are made from premium Japanese Stainless steel. The addition of Molybdenum and Cobalt increases toughness, strength, wear and corrosion resistance. These shears are capable of attaining extraordinary hardness and durability. 

Examples: Shinobi, Pink Poodle, Mustang

Level 4

Kenchii level 4 products were created to satisfy the needs of elite stylists and platform artists who demand ultimate performance and design.
Level 4 metals contain a mix with pure base cobalt and vanadium for super strength, durability, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Examples: Viper

Level 5

Level 5 products are the ultimate in design, luxury and performance. Each piece is custom created and takes about 6-8 weeks to finish. Tungsten and vanadium are added to produce a fine, yet dense steel grain structure. It doesn't get any better than these shears. 

Examples: Beauty Shears

Rockwell Hardness Scale

Rockwell hardness testing is a general method for measuring the hardness of metallic materials. In this test, a load is applied to set a diamond cone or a hardened steel ball on the surface of the metal. The hardness is measured by depth of the penetration. While these ratings are sometimes important, the quality of metals used is much more important than overall hardness.