Shear Spotlight: Pink Poodle

Shear Spotlight: Pink Poodle

Posted by C Tippens on 28th Jan 2021

Our extremely versatile Pink Poodle Shears are loved by groomers worldwide. They feature a Semi-Convex edge that is perfect for both everyday grooming and finish work. Pink Poodle Shears are made from Level 3 Molybdenum and Cobalt alloys which increase toughness, strength, and wear resistance. In addition to their reliable performance, these shears look fantastic as well! They have a magenta titanium finish with a pink poodle pattern which gives them a unique, beautiful aesthetic. 

Variations Offered:

Right Handed: 8" Straight, 8" Curve, and 44 Tooth 7" Thinner. 3 pc. Set Available

Left Handed: 8" Straight, 8" Curve, 44 Tooth 7" Thinner, and 18 Tooth Blender. 3 & 4 pc. Sets Available


Handle: Offset

Edge: Semi-Convex

Material: Level 3

Assembly: External

Recommended for both finishing and everyday use.