Kenchii Fab Pants

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Extreme pulling with sharp nails may rip product.




  • Figure flattering fit
  •  Nylon Fabric and Spandex
  • Strategically placed compression panels to help with leg fatigue
  • Lower back support
  • Non slip waistband
  • Quick Drying
  • Bleach proof
  • Hair proof
  • Lint proof
  • Pill proof

They are basically MAGIC!!!!



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Product Reviews

31 reviews Write a Review
  • 2

    Not hair...

    Hallie Allen on 4th Aug 2023

    These leggings were great before I washed them. I did exactly as instructed and washed them in the bag in cold water and hung out to dry. I was really disappointed going to work the next day and finding out they were not hair resistant anymore. I do really enjoy the compression aspect so I will continue to wear these to work.

  • 5


    Alyssa LaCour on 20th Feb 2023


  • 5


    jessica ortiz on 18th Dec 2021

    I love the kenchii fab pants. Not only do they dry fast but they give great shape to the body. I was also so surprised on how warm they feel, I don't see myself playing in snow with them but they keep a chill off. I only bought one pair because they are expensive but worth the buy I plan to get more soon.

  • 4

    They’re great… for the most part

    Tenaya on 18th Dec 2021

    I was really surprised with these leggings! I’m a dog groomer and I was really on the fence because who can justify buying a $100 pair of leggings? I sure can’t. BUT These leggings surprised me, they do “run small” because they’re compression leggings. I typically wear a size 5 in pants, and got the small, they were tight at first but got more comfortable the more I walked around the groom shop. I do recommend them The only downside to these pants are the seams are in inconvenient places, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve snagged them with my comb or my brushes (as long as you’re aware of them, it’s less inconvenient.) another thing is tiny hairs will wiggle their way through sometimes. Overall I was pleased with the leggings.

  • 4

    Fab Pants inner leg seam

    Lori A. Shuman on 23rd Nov 2021

    I love these pants. They are the best I have had for comfort and repelling hair. But, the inner crotch area needs to be reinforced better. The seams come apart and when I take them in for repair at the seamstress they are repaired and are good. I should not have to do that.

  • 5

    Kenchi pants

    Nancy Oren-Jezek on 5th Aug 2021

    I love these pants… I bought other grooming pants but these are my favorite. They are supportive, and as long as you wash them in the bag that comes with it they last quite a while. I kind of wish they would make a tight fitting short sleeve or sleeveless shirt to go with it out of the same material maybe with a built-in bra But I absolutely love these pants I have six pairs bought over time

  • 3


    april peters on 2nd Aug 2021

    I purchased a pair at pet quest and wore then 2 times and stitching came out so I purchased 2 pair online and wore one pair 2x and again stitching came out now aside from that they are the most supportive and comfortable grooming pants I have ever worn and hair does not stick which is great.

  • 5

    Kenchii Fab...

    Barbara Hillson on 23rd Jul 2021

    I ordered the pants and was a little skeptical but they fit awesome and no hair stuck to them. Very happy I ordered them.

  • 5

    fab pants

    Carole on 13th Apr 2021

    i absolutely love these pants! this is my 3rd pair still using my first pair and they are 2 years old use them every day i work and they help with fatigue like none other! help with hair slivers too. now i need this in a tank top or shirt!

  • 3

    Didn’t do the bend over test in production!

    Vanessa Vasquez on 7th Apr 2021

    So as a dog groomer “hair resistant” is my trigger to buy. I have tried cheaper hair resistant pants in the past and they generally have been a total let down. So I was like heck might as well try the fab pants. The large band, the compression, all things in need in my life! So I ordered and they shipped so quickly. The first time I put them on they were a perfect fit. Everything felt secure I was in love. The first working day I wore them they looked good, great in fact.....from the font! The second time I wore them to work I took a little extra time to really look in the mirror and what I saw was my white butt cheek reflecting back at me. I tried to hide it with my smock and hoped no one would notice. After work, still in my work cloths I went to my friends house (also a groomer). I bent down in front of her and that women gave me a detailed description of my underwear and my white cakes not hiding well behind them. So I am at a total loss. One they were expensive but they feel nice, and they are hair resistant so far but completely see thru in the back. Why?! Dang! I just don’t get tipped enough to show my butt off like that!