Kenchii T-Series™ | 8.0" Set - with Case

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  • KEL5Z five-shear case, black
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Set includes animal-friendly KEL5Z faux leather 5-shear case ($39 MSRP), Level 2 molybdenum T-Series™ 8.0-inch straight shear, 8.0-inch curved shear, and 48-tooth 6.5-inch thinner.

Kenchii Professional's T-Series™ is a high quality finishing collection offered at an incredible value. 

The true convex edge will provide an exceptionally smooth cut with minimal finishing lines, easily blended by the T-Series™ 48T.

This finishing collection is crafted with our strong and lasting level 2 alloy for years of use.

Model Information

Model: KETS T-Series
Straight: 8.0"
Curved: 8.0"
Thinner: 48-tooth (Total Length 6.5")
Case: KEL5Z

Model Details

Handle: Offset
Edge: Convex
Material: Level 2
Assembly: External
Recommended for: Finishing


Level 2
Recommended for:

Product Reviews

  • 3

    The curves and straights are quality grooming...

    Alexis Vey on 11th Jun 2020

    The curves and straights are quality grooming shears. The thinners had been used only about a handful of times before they started catching. Now they do not properly close while being used. Going to have to contact Kenchii and return them.

  • 5

    T-Series 8.0-inch...

    Alexandria Marcum on 20th May 2020

    T-Series 8.0-inch Set

  • 5

    love these scissors!

    Leslie Caldwell on 29th Jun 2018

    I have been using these scissors for 15yrs! I will not use anything else for hand scissoring and finishing work!

  • 5

    5 stars as always!

    Tearra Jordan on 30th May 2017

    Finally had to retire my original thinners after 10 long years and purchased a new pair! They are amazing of course! Looking forward to another 10 years! Best shears and great customer service! Can't beat kenchii!!

  • 5


    Unknown on 27th Feb 2017

    I bought because a other groomer had it and liked so much this scissor. I bought Geib Katana basically the same length and I still prefer this scissor.