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Introducing our most innovative model yet........

Posted by Lauren Simpson on

The Kaizen is our newest yet most innovative model to date. This level 4 proprietary blend of cobalt and vanadium base alloys has a detailed handle with poodles! Even the thumb rest is a poodle and the internal tension dial is a custom poodle with a crown. The standard edition Kaizen comes with 17 colored crystals poodle eyes in blue and our Special limited edition Holiday Kaizen comes with red and green. The Kaizen completely redefines grooming shears. It was one of our most challenging projects to date taking almost two years and several molds to make it perfect, which is why there is simply nothing like the Kaizen.

The Kaizen has a micro-serrated convex edge for everyday and finishing work. This model is available in 7.25” or 8” straight. The Kaizen’s blend of metals combined with a creative design makes it the epitome of the Kenchii craftsmanship and style. You want to be sure to add this beauty to your shear collection due to it being a timeless piece! Kaizen is a level 4 shear designed to make it the best of both worlds. Order your Kaizen today to be a step above the rest!   

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