The Benefits of Swivel Shears

The Benefits of Swivel Shears

Posted by C Tippens on 20th Oct 2020

What are Swivel Shears?

Swivel Shears are shears that feature a rotating, swivel-style thumb ring. This style of thumb ring keeps the pet stylist’s thumb and hand in a more natural position that limits thumb travel, keeps the wrist in a straight line, and lowers the elbow and shoulder significantly. This drastically reduces carpal tunnel strain and hand fatigue.

Who should use Swivel Shears?

These shears are a fantastic option for pet stylists who already have nagging hand injuries, are wisely trying to prevent future injuries, or those that just want a more comfortable shear. Some stylists find that Swivel shears are harder to use at first, but most veteran pet stylists can adjust quickly while taking extra precaution on the first few uses.

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The Double Swivel

For pet groomers seeking even more freedom of movement and comfort, the double swivel thumb ring is a swivel inside of a swivel that provides 360-degree rotation in two different directions. 

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