Grooming Your Dog With A Scissor Set, How To Use Each Shear

Grooming Your Dog With A Scissor Set, How To Use Each Shear

Posted by B. Riggins on 22nd Jan 2020

Preparing a dog with scissors may initially seem like a difficult or frightening task. Only if you don't know where and how to start. We want to help you get started with your new Kenchii Love scissors set, so here we are.

First of all I would like to say: congratulations!

You made a great choice by purchasing our grooming scissors set. Eventually, you have already received the product and are ready to highlight the beauty of your pet.

Grooming your dog or cat requires a little patience, practice and knowledge, but it's definitely not that difficult. On this page, we provide useful information for learning how to work with scissors. The 3 pieace set contains 3 different scissors and our oiler, case, and tool.

Each scissor plays a different role in the preparation of the dog and all are necessary for particular and specific uses. These 3 scissors will give you all the tools you need to make your puppy or kitten beautiful again!

Using scissors to groom pets

Use Kenchii straight scissors for most of the cut. This is the main tool used by groomers even during a grooming session. With the 6" Love straight scissors you can reach all areas of the body, even the most sensitive parts, such as the face, nose, ears or legs.

The rounded tip or ball tip protects the skin of your dog or cat from any Injury, including carpets and unnecessary tangles of your pet's fur Straight Love scissors are useful for fixing the fur around and under the legs, cutting hair through the eyes and ears, shaping the tail (for dogs medium and long) and anywhere else that needs a uniform and lined finish.

Use Your Curved Grooming Scissors

Use the 6.5 "Kenchii Love curved scissors to comb and shape.

Do not be afraid to use this tool: even a novice user can use it effectively with excellent results.

Kenchii Love curved scissors are excellent for cutting the hair of the legs of the dogs, so they look pretty and round, the hind legs where the thigh muscle curves toward the hock, that area of the chest that joins the front legs, the eyebrows and many other places.

Once you're comfortable with Curved scissors and learn to use them with the curve to the left or to the right, will become the tool that you no longer want to be without.

Thinning Fur

Next, get your 7" Love Thinning scissors to cut areas (like their face) that you're not sure how much hair you really want to remove or create a natural, combined look.

You can also use thinning scissors to fix the pieces that you accidentally extract with his other scissors or blades, avoiding the inevitable piece of fur lost in an overly excited animal.

Particularly excellent for removing matted fur in a way that still leaves the hair behind.

The teeth of the Love thinning scissors are fixed so that just enough cut the hair where the teeth are actually spaced apart, which results in a non-obvious and very tolerant cut.

You should open and close the scissors several times to remove more and more hair until you are satisfied with the amount you have removed, you can also use them to break the mats by cutting the mat several times and then using the Kenchii brush to remove what you have cut.

The companion and there will be hair again. rather than a big bald man just using scissors to cut it. Thinning scissors can also do something that ordinary scissors can't do. They can create a very natural and soft appearance, unlike the beveled and hard edge that is obtained with other scissors.

For maximum stability when cutting, place your thumb in the hole without the curved bar, then place the ring finger in the other hole.

The index and middle fingers will naturally hold the scissors as it is open and closed and the little finger will naturally have the small curved bar in which to insert.

Holding the scissors in this way means that the whole hand supports the movement of the scissors and there is less chance that the scissors will get out of the line of what you are dividing.

ATTENTION: all Kenchii scissors are very sharp, so it is important to be very careful when using them so as not to cut themselves or the dog in the process.

Frequently asked questions about dog grooming scissors Is it important to prepare my dog or cat regularly?

Kenchii grooming shear set are not only for dogs or cats that need a regularly cut face, legs or tail, but is essential if your dog or cat has a long coat that can get caught or an occasional knot that needs to be interrupted.

A well-groomed dog or cat is a happier pet!

How often should I use the grooming scissor set?

Each animal has different grooming needs. If your dog or cat is very active and plays a lot outdoors, the fur is likely to get tangled very often. In this case, you should brush and search for tangles more frequently and if you find very stubborn rugs, you may want to use Kenchii thinning scissors to get rid of tangles.

If you are a professional user or breeder or your pets appear frequently in pet programs, you will use this set more frequently.

Can I use a human hair clipper on a dog? Can I prepare my dog at home? How do I learn to prepare my dog? Shaving a dog with or against hair? More questions? We are here to help! Here at Kenchii, 100% customer satisfaction is our top priority! If you need more help in the use of our product or if you have questions about the use, your order, returns or refunds, contact us.