Kenchii Mustang Grooming Shear | The Most Durable Grooming Shear

Kenchii Mustang Grooming Shear | The Most Durable Grooming Shear

Posted by B. Riggins on 10th Jul 2020

You couldn't ask for a more durable set of dog scissors than this Kenchii Mustang’s. It has a complete set of 3 pieces for all your needs. You get a set of 7.5”, 8.5” or 9.5” straight shear, 6.5″ thinner, 7.5”, 8.5” or 9.5” curved shear. These will be your new work horse!

What makes these scissors the best everyday grooming shear?

Their unrivalled quality, both in terms of design and function. First of all, Kenchii has taken care to provide groomers with incredibly strong and sharp stainless steel blades. They can be adjusted with with the external assembly that has a mustang on it.

Secondly, these could be the best dog shear in terms of ergonomics. The offset handle and elegant thumb holes allow for easier handling and less hand strain. Every long session will be pure bliss with this set of grooming shears.

Notice the green inserts on this professional grooming set. These protect the scissors from digging into your fingers and applying unnecessary pressure. This little touch also makes Kenchii scissors one of the best shears for people with small hands.

Last but not least, you will receive this set in an elegant case. Equipped with padded protection, you can store your new grooming scissors safely and elegantly. They are particularly good for poodles, as I noted in my list of shears good for grooming poodle.